Louboutin wholesale CRC today into two private network , and personnel assigned

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Louboutin wholesale CRC today into two private network , and personnel assigned
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SAN Dec. 15 message to informed sources, today 18:00, the CRC will officially split, its railway communications network scheduling command and management will be transferred to the Ministry of Railways, the company’s fixed-line CRC and the broadband business is still all of China Mobile. In addition, people with something to go, the CRC staff will also be split in two.

delivery this afternoon 18:00

learned, 18:00 pm today, the Ministry of Railways will Railcom and China Mobile network for delivery of post.

at 18 o’clock today, the original part of the railway communication network CRC command scheduling and management rights will be transferred to the Ministry of Railways. The business transfer to Railway company into two, with the transfer of railway communication to the railway-related business sectors, including railway transportation and production dedicated phone, car radio stations,Louboutin shoes, railway and data communication services; and Railway Company’s fixed-line and broadband operations into China Mobile all.

previously approved by the State Council, the rapid development of railways, the Ministry of Railways had consultations with China Mobile, the Railway Company’s railway communications related businesses, assets and personnel stripping, organic units transferred to the Ministry of Railways management.

11 12, China Mobile Communications Corporation and the Ministry of Railways announced on its railway China Railway Group Limited communications related businesses, assets and personnel management of a formal agreement on the transfer of the Ministry of Railways. November 15, rail traffic personnel transferred business assets the official start.

personnel and assets will be divided into two

China Railcom was established in December 2000,Christian louboutin shoes, staff of 7 million people, Besides implementing the CRC special network business, but also actively carry out fixed-line telephone, broadband and other public communications business. January 2004, China Railcom, the SAC by the transfer of management of the Ministry of Railways. According to public information, China Railcom, the main business income in 2006 was 155 billion.

2008, China conducted a new round of telecom reform. May of that year, according to several ministries announced the restructuring plan of telecom operators, China Mobile, China Railcom into and become a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile.

this, China Mobile has said the move development.

learned that the transfer is completed, the Railway Company will remain as an independent subsidiary of China Mobile’s services in the fixed communications business, its social network of the basic structure of public communication will be no major changes.

In addition, the agreement provides for the transfer of assets and the corresponding part of the debt together with the assets transferred to the Ministry of Railways. CRC staff will also be divided into two,Louboutin sales, part of the return of the railway system, part of the mobile system to remain in China. (JUVENILE)

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