Louboutin Ren Weiguang new position HTC ‘s campaign later

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Louboutin Ren Weiguang new position HTC ‘s campaign later?
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Cheng Jiulong

HTC announced its own brand in the mainland market six months after advance,Christian Louboutin Platforms, Ren Weiguang – the mobile phone market in China, rich experience that professional managers

1 ? 10 ?,discount christian louboutin, HTC announced the appointment of Ren Weiguang HTC Communications Co., Ltd. China, as the post of president, reporting directly to General Manager Fred Liu HTC report R & D and operations, in charge of all of HTC’s business in China, marketing and operations and other related businesses.

insiders,Christian louboutin wholesale, according to a HTC,Louboutin sales, HTC brand last July to enter the mainland market so far, its business structure in China has been in a

arrival of Ren Weiguang,Louboutin wholesale, HTC is clearly the result of high-level repeated as appropriate – although a strong background of the global smartphone market, but the channels and stores in the mainland market,wholesale, listing less than half of the HTC is almost empty .

occupational history of Ren Weiguang, is clearly the right person for this role.

Ren Weiguang face, will be an increasingly competitive market – the face of Motorola, Samsung,Christian Louboutin Flats, BlackBerry, Apple’s smart phone market in China,Buy christian, the first

this command from the Ren Weiguang the

newcomers the opportunity to

as the first with Microsoft and Google – the two of today’s mainstream co-smart phone operating system vendors, the smart phone market,Louboutin, HTC is a should not underestimate opponents. But in the Chinese market, HTC is a late

until July 27,Christian Louboutin Sandals, 2010, HTC just announced its own brand to enter the mainland market. First introduced in four models, a windows phone system for the remaining three are equipped with android operating system. But HTC insider said: market has long been fighting noise.

Motorola Mobile Devices Business Unit,Christian louboutin on sale, Greater China director of product marketing, Jie Tang told reporters that, as of December last year, Motorola has introduced more than 20 smart phones, android smartphone market in China accounted for 50% in one fell swoop market share. The Yulong Coolpad Samsung and local vendors throughout the year,Red sole shoes on sale, more than 10 smartphone market, covering more than Microsoft and android smart phone operating system. In the young and trendy high-end consumer groups,Christian louboutin on sale, iphone4 buying frenzy is triggered, and the market penetration of BlackBerry to individuals – which will be HTC’s competitors can not be avoided.

despite the long,Louboutin for sale, HTC hovering in the mainland market, such as gray through gray market channels, HTC already infiltration. In parallel the android smart products,Louboutin hot sale, HTC has become a hot brand. Analysys International analyst Lu Li Bin said: ) data,Christian louboutin hot sale, HTC brand of concern increased from the first quarter of 2010 increased 7.3% to 12.2% four quarters.

focus on high-end smartphone market. Therefore,Christian louboutin outlets, in the early market development,for sale, HTC will focus on customer satisfaction experience.

It is reported that the first batch of models listed in the HTC also launched a special interface system based on their own Sense of HTCSense.com mobile cloud services.

double extension of the retail and operator

HTC has the lack of a sound marketing network,Christian louboutin outlets, become a major marketing constraints. How to quickly and easily to market new products,Louboutin sales, will be the primary task after the arrival of Ren Weiguang.

According to this reporter learned from the last year has been announced to enter the mainland market, HTC’s other major brands with HTC Dopod sales channels. Dopod as the mainland market,hot sale, but the first

data from Analysys International show that three quarters of 2010,Cheap Christian louboutin, Dopod quarter sales of only 310,wholesale,000,Christian Louboutin Wedges, less than 0.5% market share, brand manufacturers ranked in the top five after far.

And with HTC’s own brand market,Christian louboutin wholesale, HTC is about to exit the mainland market on rumors are prevalent.

for corroboration of a fact is introduced, according to Ren Weiguang, HTC only one store in the country, located in Guangzhou.

Ren Weiguang said that strengthening the construction of the retail network for some time HTC will be the focus of market development: partners. It is reported that HTC is only a depth of cooperation with the telecom model T9199. In the Central Purchasing operators, the figure is even more uncommon for HTC.

will be around, but a part of.

times in the LG has a rich experience of cooperation with operators of the Ren Weiguang, HTC is expected to change the channel operators in the passive situation.

cooperate with the three operators.

gray market impact

other brands relative to a single difference between the competitive environment, Ren Weiguang led this outside competition, HTC will also face the impact of gray market.

listed in up to five years in the face

this reporter learned from the mobile phone market in Shenzhen, some HTC models the parallel market and the mainstream market, the spread between the existence of thousands. there was no obvious impact.

degree of containment.

addition, Ren Weiguang said, although the reasons for the cost of tariffs and channels, parallel with the mainstream not comparable in price, but HTC still will try to shorten the spread between the two, the hope that more parallel Users can return to mainstream.

but the high price, but is another challenge faced by HTC. From Sino Market Research data show that, HTC average selling price of 3,000 yuan more than the high price of similar brands.

this, Ren Weiguang said cautiously, HTC will also try some of the future

and market channels along with HTC’s own establishment, HTC Dopod’s the fate of another brand once again become the focus. The reporter get the latest news shows, the original Dopod CEO Chen Jinghong has recently quietly leave the post of CEO is still in the current vacancy status.

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