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recruiting all levels of government in Brazil in general in the civil service examinations was held from 3 to 6 months ago through a newspaper announc , red shoe sole
baseball: recruiting all levels of government in Brazil in general in the civil service examinations was held from 3 to 6 months ago through a newspaper announcement. Examining and Employing Officials of the conditions of, qualifications,Louboutin on sale, position, scope of treatment and examination are described. Brazil Civil Service Commission decided to fund the civil service examination of the time, type and scope of the specific content of examinations, and university teachers commissioned by the title, the last combination of questions randomly selected by computer. Civil service exam covers law (including the Constitution,Cheap Louboutin, tax law, civil law), logic, language and a foreign language.

began to reflect a people-centered, equal opportunity, to encourage the spirit of competition.

First of all, no restrictions on age apply for civil servants, only education,Christian louboutin outlets, experience and so on request. Taken out of the civil service examination system. Pass examinations are generally divided into language, culture examination, psychological testing, interviews and sports testing,Christian louboutin discount, step by step out of the last reserves of about 15% of the reference staff as civil servants backup personnel. 5 years standby status effective,Louboutin wedding shoes, need to supplement civil servants, may at any time from the backup selection of the best added into the workforce in the civil service.

Secondly,Christian louboutin wholesale, in the civil service examination candidates in the reduction of extreme poverty in some of the application fee, usually 80-150 reais. Of the highly educated candidates, given the appropriate points,discount louboutin, such as doctors, masters, add 5 points, bachelor and graduate without a degree plus 2 points. Fully reflects the

Third, the mechanism of gradual phase-out of the concept of With the gradual increase in the difficulty of the test, the final candidate to the scope of personnel, from basic to high-end quality should have a certain level of skill, and a more balanced, which is conducive to establishing the overall quality of higher civil service, to better reflect the the civil service selection

system, strict management training

a three probation system, the annual appraisal system and the illegal dismissal of the system

Brazil attaches great importance to the training of civil servants,buy christian louboutin pumps, specifically by civil servants Foundation arranged the training funds financed by the state. Newly recruited civil servants must in the department or the Civil Service Training schools 810 hours (about 6 months) of full-time training,Discount Christian Louboutin shoes, qualified only after induction.

general training courses are divided into two major categories of basic courses and specialized courses. Basic course includes the Constitution,Christian louboutin discount, the composition of the government management of public affairs, public policy, public management philosophy, ethics, basic knowledge of statistics, basic knowledge of accounting and other aspects of learning content; Specialized training of personnel by the need to choose based on the work of science, including financial mathematics, public finance,Christian Louboutin thigh high boots, public accounting, tax law, labor and social security law and so on.

Brazilian Government requested the Civil Service law-abiding and dedicated. In the civil service management has three specific measures: First, three-year trial period, such as failed the examination during the trial period, will be dismissed; second in the annual appraisal system for civil servants at all levels of the Government’s annual evaluation,CL shoes, the personnel on job performance is not good will be dismissed; third violation dismissal system,Louboutin outlets, civil servants or complaints were reported by the unit of investigation, is the case,Louboutin wholesale, will be dismissed. That is one of the following circumstances will be dismissed: bribery,Cheap Christian louboutin, interrupted for 30 days or 60 days does not work,Christian Louboutin classic collections, used his powers for personal gains, no relatives to avoid the implementation of the system,Louboutin sales, a private shareholder or part-time and so on.

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